• Organic Paddy Farming
    We farm natural and organic Paddy in Zambia. Without use of any pesticides we help our mother nature flourish.
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  • SINCE 2007

What we deal in?

We are a reputed firm in Zambia for Agriculture and Mining


We mainly deal in growing Paddy along with some amount of other fruits, vegetables and grains.


Our main mineral is Copper and we use high-tech automated systems to mine that out from mother Earth.

Defining Standards

Now ain’t that a standard!

Navajo is a great company. i have visited their farm some months back and they indeed are producing the best quality paddy and other vegetables.

- Taylor -

( Wholesale dealer )

The mining industry is such that a company digs outs minerals from mother earth. But Novajo do not overconsume the minerals. They will slowly and steadily dig the minerals out and will try to keep the balance of nature.

- Ashley -

( NGO Worker )

I have been at Novajo's farm for a tour and was amazed by the modern technologies they are using. I dont know how but their fruits were among the best I have ever tasted.

- Olivia -

( College Student )

We have been at Novajo to get grains for our brewery. We gave them the order and I was amazed that the liquor made from their grains is just astonishing. We have partenered with them to provide us grain supplies..

- Tyrion -

( Ceo of Brewery )